Dermalogica 極潤修護乳 Super Rich Repair 50g



Dermalogica 極潤修護乳

Super Rich Repair 50g

高度濃縮,豐富面霜。刺激膠原質生成。非酸性新生因子撫平細紋。酪脂樹油和夜櫻草花油立刻滋潤肌膚。 緩解肌膚乾燥,重塑肌膚天然保護層。幫助肌膚抵制環境傷害。適合長期乾燥,脫水和過早衰老肌膚

Highly concentrated, rich face cream. Stimulates collagen production. Non-acid revitalizing factors smooth fine lines. Shea Butter and Evening Primrose Oil instantly moisturize the skin. Relieves dry skin and restores the skin’s natural protective layer. Helps skin resist environmental damage. Suitable for chronically dry, dehydrated and prematurely aging skin



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